Introducing Supernormal

We are a design collaborative which wants to make the urban design, planning, and development of spaces more repeatable and rigorous.

Our capacity to analyze, understand, and transform the urban world is rapidly changing. We want to explore and utilize new forms of urban data to make better places for people, and to do so by looking at the potentials of big data for the development of small places and the urban communities that create them.

Vast amounts of fine-grained data about our local places are continuously generated and increasingly available, but their implications for block-scale urban design, district-scale planning, and physical development efforts at the scale of the parcel are largely untested. We seek methods of collecting, quantitatively analyzing, and visualizing hyperlocal data to make the processes of developing and transforming urban spaces more useful for the communities and businesses they serve.

We are a team of architects, planners, data scientists and software developers.