Bow Market Micro Restaurants

Tanam Section

Section through Tanám bar, dining room, and kitchen. Tanám is a space dedicated to narrative cuisine - experiences that bridge performance art and food. A single, deep window into the interior focuses views to the dining room and the cooking space beyond. The dining room holds a single, 10-seat table.

Supernormal is collaborating with several restaurant owners to deliver each a design that is specific to its food, processes, and culture, but also systematized from a design and construction delivery perspective to enable project viability. The small spaces, proximate to each other in a shared courtyard, hold great potential for fine-grained streetscape diversity but, alone, lack the efficiencies of scale required to make micro retail a scalable concept.

Tanam Plan

Plan, Tanám. The dining room holds a single, 10-seat table and a small performance area.


Hooked (Instance 1, 175 sf), Saus (Instance 2, 750 sf), and Tanám (Instance 1.5, 550 sf)


Elizabeth Christoforetti, Nathan Fash, and Chris Ryan. Hooked is a collaboration with Mix Design and Development.


Under construction. Images coming soon.