SolBe Learning Center Instance 1

SolBe Instance 1

Diagrammatic plan

Building upon the SolBe Learning Center Prototype completed in 2016, the first SolBe Learning Center is under construction, opening in Boston, MA in 2018. The 6,000 square foot center questions the framework of classroom, traditionally defined as 35 square feet of space per child, bounded by four walls.

Instead, SolBe Instance 1 tests the possibility of breaking down the classroom into "dwelling" and "yard" zones. This combination of focused learning and free play space reflects the SolBe curriculum, creating space that is sensitive to the needs of children as they transition through growth stages and times of the day.

The design builds upon the social and urban value system of the SolBe brand to enable a strong community of families by supporting a range of activities beyond standard school hours and events. The classroom configuration creates a diverse mix of learning environments during the day; in the evenings and on the weekends, the learning center "yards" open up to host music lessons, family movie night, and other community activities.

The center includes a commercial kitchen to enable a seed-to-table curriculum, and is connected to a playscape designed by collaborators at GroundView.

Upon completion and evaluation of Instance 1, Instance 2 will continue to explore and optimize the dwelling-yard system in an alternate context and building type.


Under construction. Images coming soon.


Elizabeth Christoforetti, Nathan Fash, Laura Brooks, Michelangelo Latona, and Wen Wen