We're Supernormal, a design collaborative built to translate the potential of big data into the design of small places. We use data analysis to make design more repeatable and rigorous. Our projects range from analysis at the planning scale, to studies of urban data sets and development processes, to architectural design and prototypes, to patterns for infill development, to better automating this spatial analysis.

What We Do

We think that the two most important things to understand for design and planning are change over time and change over location. This requires that we pay careful attention to urban types and the constraints of physical development. We sit at the intersection of disciplines and bring together observations and agendas that we think are important for design but not always practiced in the real world. Read more about our principles for practice here.

We explore and use new forms of information to better understand use patterns, and so we can look at data-based evidence and observations about the physical space to make better places. We create designs that are locally sensitive but flexible enough to allow for the inevitable change of space as it evolves over time. Our clients include foundations, start-ups, cities and public agencies, institutions, and private developers.