Bit by Bit systematizes missing middle housing for the 21st century

This internal R&D effort to systematize 2-4 family infill housing and to design what it means to be at home in our emerging 21st century urban world is an on-going and multi-year effort since 2019. Bit by Bit links design, construction, and financing mechanisms to imagine small homes as digital-physical hybrids, as community-connected, and as responsive in the simplest and most basic way to their natural and social environments.

It is an effort that is focused on the leftover parcels of urban fabric that are too small to be efficiently aggregated into larger multi-family buildings. This is a product designed to enable local small-scale developers and increase the viability of homeownership for more middle income and multi-generational households in more urban communities.

Bit by Bit is a component based design with an affiliated SAAS platform and set of strategic partnerships that operate together to dramatically simplify the process of delivering relevant and needed housing from financing to manufacturing to operations. Complexity is reduced in all areas except the core of the building, which functions as a compact “brain” for the small and otherwise simple building type.

We are grateful for collaborations with Fannie Mae, E3 Development, Agora Partners, AR-MA, and so many others in this ongoing journey to create a truly connected and systems integrated design for socially and economically supportive housing in more communities. We hope to make a dent in the housing crisis by delivering accessible housing that makes sense for the way that we live now and into the future.

James Carrico, Ningxin Cheng, Elizabeth Christoforetti, Nathan Fash, Trent Fredrickson, Keith Hartwig